Eitherland is the first purposeful outdoor workplace ecosystem, designed to drive value and serve as a long-term investment in people’s wellbeing, satisfaction and productivity. It brings together the health benefits of being in nature with the latest technology, biophilic design with ergonomics, and science with the psychological principles behind teamwork and creativity.

We believe in the future where work doesn’t have to be prioritized over lifestyle and where engagement and wellbeing lead to our best work.

We believe in meaningful workplaces, where our strengths tap into our passions, the company’s vision empowers learning, and WHAT we do is aligned with WHY we do it.

We see our mission as designing inspiring outdoor workplace environments that empower more people, companies, and communities “amplify” their workspace beyond the four walls.

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Designer /

Davide Anzalone with Alberto Mattiello

Year /


Client /

Metalco Workplaces

Status /

In production

Sketching and Ideation phase. The main concept of the project is to create a modular system made up of few components (cast aluminum elements and profiles) for the structure (providing weather protection and sun shading) and for the seating elements.

Nature teaches us that the greatest form of freedom is simplicity. We tried to find the sweet spot between simplicity and freedom of expression. Starting from just the “stream” and “leaf ” elements, Eitherland structures can be combined, modified or “trimmed” to create work-enriching environments, tailored to the needs and activities of people who work there. They also allow for elegant and unique designs.

STREAM: This elongated system has been created for two main reasons – to provide shade and maximum structure flexibility. Just like a stream that flows along the banks, this structure can curve or run straight. it can stay very compact or expand infinitely in both directions. Similar to the vibrant green labyrinths of Renaissance gardens, stream allows for the design of intricate forms that are both beautiful when seen from above and practical when working inside.

LEAF: Taking its inspiration from giardino segreto that served as an enclosed private garden within the garden, the leaf element has been designed to delineate and enclose the space while creating a feeling of safety and intimacy. Reserved for the owners and their special guests, these secret gardens were used to cultivate the rarest of plants and the brightest of ideas. Our leaf structures are ideal for contemplation, group meetings, brainstorming sessions and new product launches. The leaf number can range from two (for open structures) to seven (for more enclosed, private settings).

BENCHES: The shape of the benches continues the modular design philosophy and perfectly follows the curves of the main structure. The clean lines and smooth fiberglass surface with rounded edges and a curved back have been shown to provide maximum comfort even when working for extended periods of time.
Slender cast aluminum support has been sculpted to recall the lines of the structure and add graceful simplicity to the overall look.

HIGH TABLES: This is an elevated version of Eitherland’s tables, designed to boost creativity and idea sharing. Its standing height, marine-grade materials and seamless technology turn it into a timeless piece in our Outdoor Work Lounge collection. The surface of the table slopes slightly to help the forearms take an optimal position when working for extended periods of time.

HIGH STOOLS: Designed specifically for working outdoors, it is sturdy and surprisingly light. It even includes a footrest and bag hook. The base platform provides an extra space for a bag or backpack, and its laser-cut pattern, inspired by Eitherland’s logo, adds a touch of personality and prevents the accumulation of rainwater.

LOW STOOLS: The lines of the tubular structure not only provide exceptional stability, lightness and flexibility, but they also recall the inclination of the pillars of the stream. The base platform provides extra space for a bag or backpack. The platform’s laser-cut pattern, inspired by Eitherland’s logo, adds a touch of personality and prevents accumulation of rainwater.

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