Our design manifesto is centered around the concept of ECLECTICISM. Working across various product sectors and applying the design process to typologically diverse product categories, our goal is to activate conceptual, functional, technological, and productive connections to develop highly innovative solutions and envision new scenarios. This approach has led to projects that introduced new product types to the market, effectively creating growth opportunities for companies through the application of the “blue ocean strategy”.

Supported by RESEARCH-DRIVEN SERENDIPITY, every project begins with an in-depth analysis of the company and research on the state of the art within the relevant sector, the product, and its context. Only by deeply immersing oneself in the subject can innovative insights and ideas emerge, from which valuable products for the company and meaningful for the end-user can be shaped. The aim of the research is to build a solid knowledge base that helps the designer envision a desired and better future and to develop products, services, and experiences to achieve it.

TIMELESS AND UNBRANDED AESTHETICS is the aesthetic language of the products we design; it is never about sterile stylism. The form is always the outcome of thoughtful consideration of all aspects that must make the product highly functional, correctly producible, easily and universally usable, and environmentally sustainable. The object’s form may derive from a particular production process, the use of a certain material or innovative technology, the environment of use, or the ergonomics of user interactions.


Davide Anzalone received professional training in Milan (Industrial Design at Polytechnic of Milan) and Austria (Product Design at the FH Joanneum of Graz). Right after graduation he became Head of Design for several international groups, working on the development of cutting-edge hi-fi audio products and electronic systems.

In 2009 Davide founded his own studio, collaborating with furniture brands, lighting, home appliances, consumer electronics and hi-fi.
Davide’s products and designs appeared in different publications and have won major awards, including the national BraunPrize award for the best Italian design, Red Dot Design Award, A’Design Award, German Design Award, GOOD DESIGN AWARD, and ADI Design Index.

He has also made a name for himself within the outdoor sector, collaborating with brands such as Metalco and THE PLACEMAKERS. His styling of MyEquilibria, the world’s first outdoor fitness system, based on instinctive body movements, has brought him several design awards, including Red Dot Design Award 2018.

Since 2015, he has been living and working in his homeland, the Marche region.

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