VEGA PoltronaFrau

VEGA PoltronaFrau


Elevator cars, although their conformity have nothing to do with cars, are in fact the only ‘moving objects’ that carry people inside buildings.
For this reason I wanted to conceive the inside of the cabin as a car cockpit, not as singular components assembled together inside a ‘box’, but as an iterior space where everything is seamlessly integrated, from monitor to touch-buttons, from mirrors to handrails, from
loudspeakers to lighting.
This concept is inspired by the idea of luxury dynamism, with soft edges and fluid shapes.
The wall panels are entirely upholstered with the finest Italian full leather by Poltrona Frau expert craftmanship.

Designer /

Davide Anzalone

Year /


Client /

Vega Lift in collaboration with PoltronaFrau

Status /

Presented at the Augsburg Interlift 2019

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