Designed for SEDIT Italia, Silver is an extending table with metal structure.
Silver belongs to the category of tables with a central base resting on a thick plate which acts as an element of stability. Bases of this type make it possible to reduce the volume of the structure under the top in order to generate more space for the legs of the diners, even for tables of rather compact dimensions. When I was contacted by Sedit to develop a new table with a base, I thought about how to find lightness, dynamism and solidity of the structure.
The result is a structure made of two laser-cut steel sheets folded with soft and generous radii. The two sheets that make up the structure are defined by oblique lines that accentuate its dynamism. The folds of the large sheets, in addition to being an aesthetic element, confer structural resistance to the base. The support plate is not welded to the sheets but fixed with hidden screws, this allows to facilitate the handling of the base during the production phase and for the customer to be able to choose between two types of plate (barrel or rectangular) based on the shape of the plane. Available in extendable or fixed version, with rectangular or barrel tops.



Designer /

Davide Anzalone

Year /


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Status /

In production

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