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Tchernov Audio asked us to design their first consumer electronics product: the Apollo Digital to Analogue Convertor. Having established a reputation for exhaustive research and design coupled with absolute attention to detail in the field of audio cable design, the client wanted to transfer these exacting processes to the creation of truly world class audio equipment.

The enclosure of the Apollo DAC was specially designed to provide an excellent vibration absorption while being extremely robust and acting as a very good electrical shield. As with many devices designed with a view to achieving the highest possible performance, we feel that it also achieves an appealing design aesthetic.

The inclined plane latches at the edges of the case panels make the case structure very rugged and ensure correct acoustic wave reflection at the cross-edges. All panels are made of aluminum alloy designed to offer high mechanical decrement and low wave speed. The panels are milled at a precision milling station and exposed to an ultrasonic inner-defect control process after milling.

The configuration of the enclosure panels and the points of the feet mounting were designed taking into account the mathematical model of sonic wave interference.

Designer /

Davide Anzalone

Year /


Status /

In production

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