Labware, a globally recognized leader in the hospitality and retail market, providing complete and integrated management solutions. Labware manufactures P.O.S. (Point of Sales) systems, P.O.S. printers, kitchen displays, self ordering and integrated wireless communication systems for front and back office solutions.

In collaboration with Labware, we designed SmaRT, the first generation of telematic cash registers integrating digital receipts.

With a compact and innovative design, SmaRT is the first and only cash register that allows the transfer of the fiscal receipt in digital format directly to the customer’s smartphone. It will be enough to bring the phone close to the cash point display and, thanks to contactless technology, the fiscal document will be immediately available in pdf format. Furthermore, SmaRT has integrated and native payment with Satispay.

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Davide Anzalone with Raul Frollà

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Status /

In production

SmaRT, aside from incorporating numerous innovative solutions and technologies, is a scalable modular platform (basic version with a keyboard and 3.2″ touch display, top version with a full-touch 8″ display) and expandable with various accessories (smartphone stand, QR reader, power bank, business card holder).

Some images showing the design process from the early stages of benchmarking, competitor analysis, to the ideation and concept definition phase, to prototyping up to mass production.

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